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Use Cases

Human Capital

  • Zero Waste, Circular use of human resources: potential and capacity.
  • Including people with¬†distance to labor market
  • We optimize the management of the investment in human capital.
  • Enhance collective emotional intelligence and resilience capacity.
  • Quantification of human capital value, task-employee matching methodology.

Climate Innovation

  • Circularity Level Assessment
  • Systemic Impact Assessment
  • Optimize the design, production and deployment of your climate innovation
  • We help you design a Human-Proof deployment: overcome and harness human barriers
  • Up-level your business and leadership performance with 9 strategic & circular perspectives

SDG Innovation

  • Circularity level assessment
  • We up-level your SDG Innovation with circularity principles
  • Systemic impact assessment
  • Leadership (SDG-Skills) : SDG applied in daily life
  • SDG-Organization/Leadership matching tool

Business Acceleration

  • Circularity Level Assessment
  • Up-level your business design with circular economy principles
  • Utilize Data-driven Strategic Management Tools
  • Up-level your leadership performance with 9 strategic perspectives
  • Sustainability Certificate: Circularity ( applied to Innovation, climate positive, SDG compliant, Social inclusive)
  • Matrix-Q Methodology, Licenses & Label Programs¬†

Trapped Value Release

Identify your blindspots and trapped value

Unleash the potential of your organization and human capital

Advance the design of your products and strategy

Utilize multidisciplinary knowledge