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About the e-Test

About the e-Test

  • The e-Test utilizes the current mindset as data for the assessment of your approach for solving challenges and perceiving value.
  • The results of the 3 min e-test do not define you, are not conclusive, but are helpful to find out your current MindSet and help you to decide the shift of mindset necessary for the given challenge or circumstance you are facing at the present moment. You can use the tool daily to help yourself focus on the competences and mindset you need that fits to each of your daily business challenges that are diverse. 
  • The Next Step: With our data-driven assessment and e-learning methodology we identify a pattern or behavior trace, the level of innovation capacity, and facilitate an up-level or enhancement process that is tailor made to the individual or team capacity.
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The Circular Innovation Capacity e-Tests

There are 9+ sets of e-Tests dedicated to measure circular thinking and innovation capacity, by approaching human competences from the point of view of adaptive capacity.

Along 2019-2021 the e-Test will be added to our smart app, including additional e-Tools, e-Workbooks, e-Books, e-Learning and e-Games

Each e-Test category generates data on human adaptive capacity, and innovation capacity potential.

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[ GO LIVE Plan ] e-Tests

2019 e-Tests

2020 e-Tests

  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Communication
  • Gender Equity 
  • Complexity Management
  • Leadership


2021 e-Tests

  • Adaptive Capacity
  • Circular Innovation Capacity

[ GO LIVE Plan ] Data-Driven e-Learning & Smart Innovation Assistant (A.I. Engine)

2019 e-Learning

  • Actionable Communication Methodology enhances brain performance and accelerates trapped value release and innovation
  • Human (pro-active) adaptive capacity (human potential) and (personal) leadership

2020 e-Learning & Smart Innovation Assistant (A.I. Engine)


  • Introduction to Circular Thinking & Innovation-Capacity
  • Circular economy principles applied to human capital
  • Adaptive capacity enhanced with emotional intelligence
  • Lean learning, Lean innovation & Lean Adaptation methodology
  • Trapped value release:  perception of value and innovation potential
  • Cognitive tools (strategic management and assessment tools) upgraded with circular thinking
  • Leadership skills (Prime-Do) V.R. / Animated body awareness and martial arts training 

Smart Innovation Assistant (A.I. Engine – Machine Learning)

  • Smart Coach (A.I.)

2021 e-Learning & Smart Innovation Assistant (A.I. Engine)


  • Innovation-drive leadership applied for change management
  • Corporate immunology applied to change management
  • Human Proactive Adaptive Capacity & Innovation Capacity Background Knowledge 

Smart Innovation Assistant (A.I. Engine)

  • Smart Innovation Assistant (alpha)

Trainer Features

  • As a trainer or coach you can measure circular thinking and innovation capacity in a group of students
  • Or as a Team leader, measure the collective capacity of your team
  • As a consultant, you may measure the capacity of an organization
  • As a leader, you would like to measure the capacity of your community

Our smart app gives you the tools necessary to assess collective human capacity

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