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  • Matrix-Q Circularity


  • Smart Application  (Webapp & mobile app)
  • SaaS Platform


  • e-Learning, e-tests, e-trainer
  • e-Games
  • e-Brain GYM
  • e-Impact Assessment
  • e-Innovation (Multidisciplinary)
  • e-Business Model
  • Assisted by A.I. Engine Learning Coach


  • Develop the ability to release linear thinking
  • Acquire the capacity to think circular, by exersicing a diversity of thinking methods that would enhance your brain performance 
  • Understand, utilize, apply nature systems, cycles, rhythms, laws for assessment and use of complexity
  • Cultivate your creativity and multidisciplinary innovation capacity to transition the valuechain into circular economy



  • Data-driven, measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity 
  • A.I. Advisor suggests ideal brain GYM experiences
  • Human metrics (data-driven) (performance) reports
  • Matrix-Q Method for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence enhancement report
  • Matrix-Q Human Typology system helps us enhance human capacity (human stages of development model)
  • Matrix-Q Circularity Impact Assessment method
  • Matrix-Q Nature Inspired Business Model Generator System
  • Matrix-Q 12Rs Circularity Model
  • Matrix-Q Human Circularity (Circularity applied to creativity, wealth, human capital, social-inclusion)


  • Intuitive digital platform helps develop circular thinking and multidisciplinary innovation capacity, with social-empathy (human circularity)
  • Helps enhance brain performance
  • Users do e-tests, e-games, receive a diagnose of capacity, prescriptions of experiences that will help them train their brain (Brain GYM) to enhance their creativity and circular thinking performance.
  • B2B as a SaaS platform ideal for schools, company capacity building programs, leadership development, circularity consultants, innovators, leaders, impact investors

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1 Full-Year Subscription Package


  • Free live-DEMO session with a consultant
  • Matrix-Q Circular Thinking Training Program, Includes 5x sessions with a coach/trainer: 1x e-Coaching, 1x e-Assessment, 1x micro-workshop, 1x e-Learning 1x e-workbook (normal price 97,00 EUR)
  • Matrix-Q Circular Thinking (e-Trainer) level 3. (normal price 497,00EUR)
  • 1 Full-Year Subscription for the Matrix-Q Circular Thinking Application 
  • 1 exam (free of charge) for the Matrix-Q Circular Thinking Belt Certificate for trainers by the Matrix-Q Akademia Program
  • 3 Months membership in the Matrix-Q Community – Matrix-Q Brain GYM ( normal price  497,00 EUR )
  • All additional features and content released after the GO-LIVE date for as long as the subscription package is valid
  • Includes 317 Matrix-Q Tokens


1x full year subscription package for only

297,00 EUR

GO-LIVE March 2021

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  • All the services and benefits included in the 1 full year subscription, will be extended as for the length your subscription package
  • The application-development road map is of 10+ years, 12+ levels of service,
  • It includes several features, adjustments, modifications, functions, content and integrations that have not been listed here.
  • You will enjoy from the additional features and content released until the end of the validity of your subscription
  • If you choose the For-Life package your subscription will never end.