Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Bridge the circularity gap, measure and enhance circular innovation-capacity.

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We are facing challenging times.

In order to collaborate with circularity leaders and innovators we have launched a new platform, products, and services.

Our company has participated in the EUvsVIRUS COVID-19 Pan-European Hackathon 2020 April

e-Test [ ASSESSMENT ] Workshops

The e-Test results describe the diversity of skills, competences, or MindSet pattern you hold for thinking or solving challenges. Once you have this information the next step will help you prevent, risk management and optimize your performance and advance your effectiveness.


  • The (hybrid) workshops are facilitated by a human consultant.
  • Along the sessions we will utilize e-Tools, e-Tests and Smart Apps

For Leaders

  • The MindSet Proof Protocol

For Trainers

  • Premium e-Test Tools for Trainers & Consultants
  • Tailor-Made a learning process with lean learning methodology

For Coaches

  • Premium e-Test Tools for coaches
  • Tailor-Made a coaching process with lean coaching methodology

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Includes a systemic assessment of:

  • Adaptive capacity to circular economy (level)
  • Circular economy innovation level of implementation
  • Circular change management complexity level

2 Consultants offer together the assessment sessions.



  • Next generation leaders enhance their innovation capacity
  • Development of a proactive adaptive capacity to circular economy
  • Spot circular innovation and trapped value release opportunities
  • Lean Innovation advice 
  • Up-level your organization with circular economy principles applied for change management

Services are provided by associated consultants, with license and certification, in the use of our methodology and data-driven tools.

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