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We are facing challenging times.

In order to collaborate with circularity leaders and innovators we have launched a new platform, products, and services.

Our company has participated in the EUvsVIRUS COVID-19 Pan-European Hackathon 2020 April

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Human Competences

Meet the trainer in the Netherlands. With lean learning methodology we will accelerate your capacity to apply circular economy principles.

Human Competences Online

Learn with a trainer online via Zoom, Skype or Private Vide-Chat Room, or by e-mail.


Automated e-tests help you assess your capacity, performance, strengths, potential. For individuals that wish to improve their performance. Also for trainers that would like to run collective assessment for a group of customers.

e-Learning Program

Data-driven e-learning to enhance your learning capacity and performance. Also e-Books and e-Workbooks will create data on your learning skills to help you advanced your learning capacity.


Enhance your brain performance with sonic and visual training. Enhance your memory, creativity, focus and attention span.

Emotional Intelligence & Adaptive Capacity

Bring together body, emotions and mind into one single force of action. A leadership skills training program that combines martial arts, stress management, emotional intelligence, yoga, creativity, attention span, concentration, focus and multiple intelligences applied.

Learn by Playing e-Games

e-Games and Simulations that will challenge your capacity to apply the knowledge you have acquired

Innovation Lab

Use a tool for trapped value release. Enable multidisciplinary and circular innovation. A.I. Will help you optimize your innovation.

Which is the perfect human match for the job ?

A data-driven matching tool that will enhance your strategy and up-level your performance

Human Typology

Learn more about your own potential and actual capacity. Predict your future development. Strategically choose your professional path steps. Set milestones and goals to unlash your human potential.

Which is the value of your human capital ?

Optimize your investment in human capital with data-driven assessment tools and data analytics. The learning capacity of your employees defines your adaptive and innovation capacity. Team members with leadership, learning skills and adaptive capacity are able to conquer change, uncertainty, unpredictability and ambiguity. Measure the capacity of your team. Increase your chance for success.

Train your own personalized A.I. Learning Coach

The A.I. Engine learns with you along your professional career. Optimize your learning choices: learning activities, professional experiences. 100% safe. It is your data, your own individual and personalized A.I. Coach.

Akademia - Circular Economy Specialists

Akademia - Circular Economy Investors

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Deployment Time Line

Purchase the plan you prefer, we offer you unique conditions until 2023.

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In 15 min we can tell you why. Online via Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom Or by Telephone We will be glad to advice you FREE on the plan or product that suits your needs better


Tailor-Made Service-Plan

Every company has specific needs. Would you like us to be more precise ? We tailor-made with you together a service plan that fits you.

Your company has specific needs

Like with a compass, the assessment sessions we help you find the right combination of products and ideal price model for you

Tailor-Made Service-Plan [ Assessment Session ]

Tailor-Made Service-Plan

  • e-Test & Assessment of your current needs
  • Careful tailor-made process of your unique service plan
  • 90+ min Advice with a Human Consultant (*)
(*) The first 27′ up to 90’min are free of charge. For longer assessment sessions fees may apply.

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