Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Bridge the circularity gap, measure and enhance circular innovation-capacity.

Human adaptive competences assisted by A.I.

Matrix-Q Methodology Applied :  Human + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed

We believe that advanced human competences combined with knowledge and technology are the solution for pressing global issues experienced today, a solution that enables collective (emotional) intelligence (resilience), circularity and sustainable growth.

The DNA Types

  • A DNA-Type suggest a pattern of behavior or mind focus, a prefered-prespective used for solving challenges and making decisions.
  • The DNA-Type can be studied systemically, from individual, to family clusters, community, culture, organizations and even geo-graphic and temporal locations.

Adaptive capacity

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One of the most practical use cases of DNA Types is the Human Adaptive Capacity that can be measured with our e-Tests.

Every human has a potential that can be unleashed

Your Adaptive capacity varies depending on how you develop and utilize your potential, and how effective you are at learning something new.

Adaptive capacity is a human competence.

We describe human competences with 9 categories of subconscious potential and conscious capacity.

For an use-case example, please see in the chart below the 9 categories, compound of human adaptive capacity to new economy models, developed for circular economy leaders.

[Learn more about DNA Types & Adaptive Capacity]

High score adaptive capacity indicates:

  • Effective learning, innovation, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and leadership. 
  • Stability for management of uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and change. 

Take the adaptive capacity e-test in 3 min

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Self-awareness & Adaptive Capacity

Thanks to self-awareness we notice the type of reactions our subconscious mind has, when something happen in our private life or business, and we get a little chance to change the course of actions, and outcomes, starting with how we choose to respond to a given situation or challenge.

USE-CASE Circular Economy

Compound elements of the Human Adaptive Capacity to a new economic model.

(Applied to Circular Economy)

The DNA Types will help us find out users perception of value and preferred activities and mindset for stream wealth generation .

USE-CASE Leadership

Applied to leadership, for example, the DNA Type will indicate the preferred leadership style, and approach for solution making

It indicates as well a number of competences, skills, and priority the leader have “in-mind” for their daily choices and performance.