Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Our mission is to provide with the means necessary to enable trapped value release (innovation) and the implementation of a human-inclusive circular economy

MATRIX-Q METHOD = Human + Data + Technology = Success + Positive Impact + Human Potential Unleashed 


  • Matrix-Q Circularity is a new approach for circular economy
  • We assess the impact of circular solutions by utilizing an innovative holistic algorithm,  a systemic circular-impact model and innovative human competences
  • The Matrix-Q Systemic Impact model consider 3 Levels of circular innovation (with 12 sub-levels included) applied to 9 holistic-circularity areas in which human creativity enables an impact in nature, societies and economies, 9 approaches for strategic circular-solution making and change management and 3 circularity pillars (Human, Techn & Bio)
  • New human competences and skills  are necessary to implement Matrix-Q Circularity. We have developed capacity building programs that develop such abilities. The foundation training requieres of 9of such skills, and the advanced level will enable 81 skills in the attendees.


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