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Coach-Trainer Certificates in HUMAN CIRCULARITY in 12+ Weeks

Empower the human variable of the sustainability and circular equations with HUMAN CIRCULARITY holistic knowledge, skills, tools, data-driven smart apps and methodology



The Matrix-Q License for Human-Circularity Coach-Trainers is provided after completion of certificate programs, internship, mentorship and participation in Matrix-Q Akademia Programs for the diffusion and promotion of Human-Circularity, the third pillar of circular economy.


  • It is a modular system, attendees complete certificates (1+ Module = 1+ Level)
  • After completing a minimum of training (learn-play) modules (1+), the attendees should undergo an internship (work-play)
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia programs for coach-trainers offer them real challenges and duties that will help them experience and apply their acquired knowledge under real circumstances. The goal is that our subscribers learn about own limits, capacity, skills, and strengths.
  • Mentorship and coaching is also provided
  • After you complete one or more certificate programs, the next level is the commercial license. The Matrix-Q Commercial license means that its holder has demonstrated capacity of responsible application of knowledge, and is capable to solve complexity with the knowledge acquired.
  • All Matrix-Q License holders become automatically members of the Matrix-Q Guild (Professionals association), which entitles them to continues training, resources, and access to collective projects, and services opportunities. 


  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity (DATA DRIVEN) with the a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, we assess your capacity to think, feel, create, innovate, lead, act with the knowledge acquired.
  • Smart Applications (Matrix-Q Edu Tech Tools, e-learning, e-training, e-test, e-workbooks, e-books, e-learning subscriptions, webinars, e-workshops, e-coaching, e-forum, e-sparring)
  • Capacity assessment sessions with Matrix-Q Coaches


  • Schedule a first capacity assessment session with a Matrix-Q Coach (See button below)
  • We will tailor made your license program, and plan a list of Matrix-Q Certificates, you prefer to complete.
  • Along this first session we will also introduce you to the available and updated list of Matrix-Q Circularity certificates, including Matrix-Q human circularity and Matrix-Q Innovation Tools

Schedule time with us for your first capacity assessment session and for Q&A