Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

The Circular Thinking Program

  • For the last 300 years LINEAR THINKING has misguided the industry, creating waste, climate change and millions of species extinction
  • We need a change of thinking and behavior patterns
  • We need circular leadership and innovation
  • We accelerate the transition into CIRCULAR ECONOMY with human competences

We accelerate the transition into circular economy

With scalable, data-driven and smart applications

  • e-tests
  • e-learning
  • Innovation Assisted by A.I. Engine
  • e-Coaching
  • e-mail Program

Lean-Learning Activities (meet-ups)

  • Gamified challenges

We measure, enhance and optimize 

  • Adaptive Capacity
  • Innovative Capacity
  • Learning Skills
  • Circular Thinking
  • Engagement with Emotional Intelligence

An Individual or group program OnLine or at your Location

With Mentors, Coaches & Peer-2-Peer support 

Tailor-made program

  • Individual program for leaders
  • Group program with peer support

Data-Driven Report

  • We assess your learning skills, innovation blindspots and circular thinking challenges
  • We offer you update reports on progress and suggest you strategies to effectively overcome barriers

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  • In 4 Locations (The Netherlands)
  • Also in Peru, Canada, Germany & Hong Kong
  • As well online programs for 1 or up to 4 subscribers


  • Reserve a time and schedule according to your preferences


Our program includes training on:

  • Tools to advance your Circular Thinking in daily life
  • Develop Adaptive capacity and learning skills 
  • Conquer ambiguity, uncertainty, change and complexity
  • Creativity & Innovation Capacity enhancement
  • Proactive engagement and emotional intelligence

Start your circular thinking program now

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PERCEIVE new opportunities for creation of value and innovation

Your decisions CHANGE the world

Proactive engagement will ACCELERATE your transition into circular economy

  • When we think about climate change and our children within 20 years
  • We see them facing extreme scenarios
  • We can give to our children a better world
  • Or at least better conditions, knowledge, skills and tools to solve their challenges
  • And the most important, a new pattern of thinking: CIRCULAR THINKING

Create a Positive Impact

  • Did you know that 48% of Carbon Emissions can be reduced with Circular Innovation ?
  • But that only 9% of the world is circular
  • We would like to accelerate the transition into circular economy by supporting leaders and innovators optimize their circular thinking, innovation-capacity and emotional-engagement.

Create the future we all want

  • We would like to help 20.000 leaders in 9 countries, change 30% of their national industries into circular economy for 2030.
  • Become a leader in your own nation.

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We help you optimize your innovation-capacity by advancing your adaptive capacity

With our program you increase your focus and keep the balance between achieving success and quality of living

You can create a positive impact in the world you live in with your own leadership, thinking and innovation skills.


  • 27 – 81 days 
  • 3 – 9 min daily


  • Individual Program
  • Group: Self-support Program

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A 9 step-by-step lean-learning process dedicated to help you develop new thinking skills, utilize your instinct and adaptive capacity to solve your challenges.


We optimize your learning-process!

We show you how to

[THINK] + [FEEL] + [ACT]

with the acquired knowledge and skills.

  • Activate your instinct for survival
  • Align it to your adaptive capacity, learning skills and creativity
  • Engage with emotional intelligence

Program Outcome

We measure, enhance and optimize your Circular thinking, Innovation Capacity, Adaptive Capacity, Learning Skills and Emotional Engagement 

  • If there would be 9 opportunities for innovation but you would be able to perceive only 2 or 3 of them.
  • How important would be for you to be aware of your current capacity ?
  • How would that impact your future ?
  • With our e-Test we help you measure and identify your blindspots, strengths, weakness and patterns (how you solve challenges).
  • Then we tailor-made the program to your individual needs and goals; and provide to you ideal tools to solve your challenges.

Your MindSet influence your learning process and perception of value.

Would you like to know which is your MindSet now ?

Take the MindSet e-Test

Receive advice by a consultant now

The group-training session offers you the benefit of a common intent shared by a collective.

A powerful driven force that help you focus and at the same time learn from other attendees experiences.


  • Mentor :  follows-up your process, provide you advice 
  • Coach : help you focus on your goals and optimize the use of your time
  • Body : our matching tool will suggest you another attendee, for peer-to-peer support. 

Human-competences placed to support your process and tailor-made your program.


  • Intensive: weekly sessions of 53 min
  • Rhythmic: every 2 weeks, sessions of 106 min
  • Slow: every 3 weeks, sessions of 159 min

Session Program *

  • Check-in
  • Focus
  • Presentation
  • Gamified Lean Learning Activity
  • Collective Learning Process
  • Up-dating goals
  • Check-out

(*) All group-sessions programs include an e-mail program 


  • Group Session Online: Small groups of 4 attendees at suitable time schedule
  • Locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Veenendaal
  • Other countries : Canada, Hong Kong, Peru, Germany

Contact us to schedule an online presentation or a first individual session for you

The individual program is tailor made to your unique needs and strengths

You choose the length and intensity of the service, and the products you prefer

PRODUCTS FOR LEADERS in the individual program

  • (e-) Coaching sessions
  • e-Test Reports
  • Experiential training
  • Outdoors trainings
  • e-mail program
  • e-Learning
  • Presentations
  • e-Trainers
  • e-Books
  • e-Workbooks 

1 to 1 Program for Leaders

You may choose the sessions length and intensity

  • From 10 hours full day sessions, which include coaching, training, presentation, stress-release and self-regeneration.
  • Full weekend
  • 3 or 5 hours workshops
  • Master class of 90 min
  • 90 min coaching sessions
  • To 9 min daily check-ins

Individual programs are designed for CEOs, Leaders & Innovators that prefer to enjoy from a program that is tailor-made to their preferences, in order to optimize their personal process of achieving.

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