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Circular Innovation Network [CIN]

Circular innovation cluster

  • It is a circle of innovators dedicated to transform the value chain at their locations by applying circular economy principles.
  • With the support of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem engage into field research, spotting pressing innovation needs at their locations. R&D, creativity and innovation, enable the creation of new solutions that will be validated and brought to the local market.

Associated Consultants

  • Our associated consultants support the circular innovation clusters with advice, knowledge, tools, training, technology and human competences.

The Circular Innovation Clusters Network

  • With at least 3 innovators, or one associated consultant or location pioneer, locations can join our network and commit our resources for their region

Network Development Status : 450 new jobs

  • Associated consultants and location pioneers will join our network between 2019 and 2021
  • Canada, Peru, Germany and Hong Kong locations have pre-registered 100 attendees each to our programs for 2019. In total we expect to reach so far 400 innovators abroad and 30 innovators in the Netherlands.
  • We plan to create 450 new job positions at 9 countries between 2019 and 2025

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