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Associated Consultants


5 more professionals are now taking part of an online training program for associated consultants.

With the International Innovation Clusters and Associated Consultants Program, we plan to enable circular innovation at 9 key locations world wide for 2015 enable 450 new job positions.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

We are living at the edge of a wonderful global opportunity: to come together as humanity, take responsibility on the human footprint on our  planet and create a circular sustainable global civilization.”

Luis is the researcher and developer of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge, creator of the Matrix-Q Methodology, designer of the algorithms and developer of the Matrix-Q Innovations

  • Circular Innovations: co-creator of the 3-Fold Circular Economy in collaboration with Maarten van Keulen
  • R&D Multidisciplinary research since 1993. Trainer (1993-), Business consultant (2000-) and Coach (-2010), specialized in the application of Matrix-Q Methodology, Lean Learning, Lean Thinking, Lean Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Brain performance enhancement, and the 9 Strategic Perspectives to up-level your business and leadership performance.
  • Matrix-Q Belt: Luis is Matrix-Q Master Trainer  (Primordial Belt), develops and facilitates Matrix-Q Legacy Trainings since 1993. Taught in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Tirol, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Slovenia & The Netherlands.

M. v. K.

“We aim to connect all players, from the beginning to the end. Together, and not alone, we can become fully circular.” – MvK

  • M. v. K. focus is on the practical implementation of sustainable business models and circular economy.
  • Circular Innovation R&D: Co-developer (with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) of the 3-Fold Circular Economy Model.
  • Matrix-Q Solutions Ecosystem: Contributes as R&D Partner since 2018.
  • Matrix-Q Belt: Matrix-Q Methodology white belt candidate