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About Us

Accelerate the transition into circular economy

Bridge the circularity gap, measure and enhance circular innovation-capacity

Human adaptive competences assisted by A.I.

With data-driven e-tests, e-learning with VR and e-Games’s and a smart innovation assistant (A.I. Engine)

We combine technology with human competences in order to achieve success and unleash human potential 

Our goal is to enable in 20.000 Dutch leaders the circular and innovation capacity enhancement necessary to shift 30% of the Dutch industry  into circular economy for 2030

Solutions for Circular Economy by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem


Circular Solutions developed at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem with the collaboration of:

  • Matrix-Q Research Institute: R&D, Matrix-Q Methodology 
  • MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V. : Scalable applications & A.I. Solutions
  • MQCE [Matrix-Quotient Circular] Solutions B.V.: Circular Economy Services 


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  • Matrix-Q Research Institute, Stichting LDMF
  • MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V.
  • & MQCE [Matrix-Quotient Circular] Solutions B.V.

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Circular Innovation

We believe that advanced human competences combined with knowledge and technology are the solution for pressing global issues experienced today, a solution that enables collective (emotional) intelligence (resilience), circularity and sustainable growth.


  • Nature-inspired data-driven methodology unleashes human potential
  • Our technology enables enhancement of human brain performance, along user-product interaction
  • New Circular Economy 3-Fold Model which is human inclusive : human + bio + tech
  • New 9-Fold Innovation Model helps to measure and enhance proactive and adaptive capacity to a new economy model: circular economy
  • Automate circular maturity assessment (adaptive capacity of leaders and organizations to implement circular economy) 
  • A.I. (Machine Learning based solutions) spot pressing innovation opportunities and provide advice on innovation strategies and creativity
  • Circular economy requires of “non-lineal thinking”. We enable in leaders the next level of circular thinking skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, learning skills and innovation capacity
  • Innovative Human/Organization DNA Typology

Social Impact

  • 450 new jobs planned for 2025, in 9 countries with innovators clusters, location pioneers and associated consultants.
  • Enable in 20.000 Dutch Industry Leaders the level of circular-innovation capacity necessary to transform the value chain and achieve responsible production with zero waste in 30%* of the Dutch Economy for 2030
  • CO2 Emission reduction
  • Industry Trapped Value release, Innovation, enable in our customer added value creation, growth and social impact
  • New innovation technology design principles enable brain performance enhancement and human competences complementary to A.I. (Innovative re-definition of human capital value along the 4th Industrial revolution focus on the development of human competences that A.I. can not displace: Human capital = human + technology + automatons)


  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • International ( 6 Nations )
  • Driven by the desire to enable in organizations the implementation of circular economy principles
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  • Multidisciplinary 
  • Data-driven
  • Systemic
  • Nature Inspired
  • Innovation-Driven Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Competences Driven
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Innovation-Capacity
  • Trapped Value Release


  • Human-Inclusive
  • Human-Proof
  • Positive Impact / Footprint Reduction
  • Climate proof
  • Social inclusive 
  • SDG2030 compliant
  • Circular
  • Gender equity effectiveness

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You can ask for our services at these locations.

Headquarters: The Netherlands 

  • Veenendaal
  • Rhenen
  • Rotterdam city
  • Amsterdam city
  • Utrecht city


  • Canada
  • Peru
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • Germany

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