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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


A peaceful martial art, dance and sports system helps re-pattern “linear brain”​ to circular and regenerative nature inspired thinking patterns

HOW DO YOU TEACH CIRCULAR, MINIMALIST & REGENERATIVE THINKING with emotional intelligence to your customers and teams? ” A peaceful martial art, dance, sports and story telling system helps re-pattern “linear brain” into/with circular and regenerative nature inspired thinking patterns”… In this linkedin article we tell the story and give you an opportunity to experience and learn our algorithmic methodology by your own…

Matrix-Q Applied for thinking and behavior change, inspired by nature principles, the algorithmic methodology can be used to learn through martial arts, but also through dance, theatre and music improve, poetry and story telling, …and more than 27 human arts… I am now using it to teach human linear brain to evolve back to regenerative, circular and minimalist thinking patterns…

Today we use a geometric tool to translate all martial arts, dance, performing arts, music, story telling systems in one single system… also for education, with VR virtual reality, and artificial intelligence and robot trainers.. (Sphero robot)…

Hi every-one, how was your week? Mine was powerful, and super inspiring, thanks to all of you … now weekend, i would like to spend some time in nature and practice Prime-do, which is a non violent martial art i am teaching. 

All started for me as a hobby and became later a key for my research work on nature systems … Why is this important and how it is related to human circularity? 

Human circularity is the third pillar of the Matrix-Q Circularity model. Traditional circular economy has two pillar: biological products, and tech. At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we have been learning about regenerative, nature systems, cycles, rhythms, principles and laws, in their relation to human, human behavior, intelligences, competences, emotions, learning skills, creativity, and applied then our learnings to human capital, inclusion, wealth generation, education, systemic change, strategic management and others… this is how human-circularity started to play a role for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

I mentioned before, we did look for human experiences in which one could learn about nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles and systems. 

No alt text provided for this image it is one of the application of this ancient geometric structure i have been researching for more than 27 years, and from which we believe all martial arts systems can be perfectly represented as well as yoga and traditional dances and other cultural expressions of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations. 

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The geometric structure holds fractal, holographic, quantum qualities and is also fit to Fibonacci proportions of nature.. there for can be used perfectly to represent human movement, geometry and creativity… 

This geometrical structure generates the nodes represented by 9 cyphers, 9 sets of emotions, and frequencies, used for binaural music compositions too.. So we use them too for this martial art, yoga and dance improv, theatre improv system. (Which is how we train our emotional intelligence and a number of leadership skills and human competences)

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So what all has to do with circularity and regenerative? Well for the practice of Prime-do we need to learn about time, emotions, and nature cycles, also understand perfectly hormonal cycles, how they influence our mindset, perception and behavior. 

Well, the Prime-do dances or KATAS utilize nature systems, as models. Only by knowing nature systems you can do a dance or kata. This form of learning about nature involves your whole body, emotions, mind, and precise use of body, geometry. 

Here an audio I created to introduce Prime-do and an e-learning program

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We use Prime-Do as training to improve self-awareness and work-life balance, enable regeneration in human, combined with conscious breathing. 

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We learn about the most efficient ways to move, balance body, combine movements, create a process that is as efficient as possible, with less distance, less energy, less time, and greater impact. If we also manage to utilize the stages of for example, the kata of water, we would learn about the diverse states of matter and how those can be represented with the body. If you like biomimicry, you will love to explore the proportions of nature with your whole body, and in addition add the emotional component that creates our human experience full. Its a cool way to learn about nature and about ourselves. 

Here is our e-learning

Is any one of you fan of Martial arts? Maybe some of you have heard the famous Bruce Lee (Martial artist) talking about : “be like water” take a look Bruce Lee in action here: Bruce Lee also introduced in martial arts a very innovative approach, and helped his students to learn about themselves and nature, in a very scientific but also pragmatic way. 

For human circularity we learn about thinking and behavior change and how to repattern our “linear brain” and bring it back to “regenerative, circular and minimalist”… a powerful brain gym is martial arts combined with dance and sports…

So that is how Prime-do came to life. 

Well we plan to watch a movie online together, there is a cool web-tool we can use for that purpose, we all could watch a film in synch. We will watch a movie with a script by Bruce Lee, it is a beautiful movie filled with zen and spiritual meaning Bruce Lee wrote and his students produced after he passed away. by the way, this is the movie we intent to watch. .

We will after or within the movie have some time to discuss some passages and i will also share about Prime-Do. Here some images about prime do. We also have an e-learning program, animated, and even a version of the training with a robot trainer (sphero) which is fun to work with.

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If you are interested to join, please reach out to my email or WhatsApp number. You are welcome to join us to watch that movie with us an also learn something new, about this peaceful martial arts, named