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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions



ARE YOU UNDER 30 YEARS OLD? The Matrix-Q Akademia launched in 2021 a unique opportunity, 1-2 years (fees free) training program for talents that are impact driven. The program will bring you complete skills as entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, leaders; aiming for you to lead or join an impact-start-up team and become an impact entrepreneur. In the long run, our program aims to facilitate the necessary resources for talents to become the impact-investors and leaders the future needs. We aim to accelerate the 10-15 years experience you need today to create systemic impact, compact it with our holistic education (learn-play) methodology, into 2.5 years. You can learn more about the program here.

We would like to add that circularity is an essential component of the training. One of the certificates you will receive will be of coach-trainer with tools and knowledge to enable circular thinking in leaders and entrepreneurs. A necessary role for organizations that today intent to transition into a circular economy

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How to join? start by scheduling a first interview with us, for Q&A