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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


How brain-mapping tools can help us optimize the human transition to a circular economy (from linear to circular thinking)?

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead, Impact Lead, Founder Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Considering linear thinking, as one of the human self-destructive traits

As for today, with the data gathered around the impact linear think has been having in nature, societies and economies.

We know linear thinking has misguided the industry, leaders, governments, universities, R&D, technologists, innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers and communities; creating waste, resource depletion, the extinction of millions of species, human inequalities, and climate change.

If we realise that 95% of the outcome of a human individual comes from the subconscious mind programs, learned since gestation, before birth, and intensively along the first 7 years of life, reinforced along the rest of human life.

Considering that 1% to 5% of our conscious activity may be creative enough and present enough to change some patterns of behavior.

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we intent to answer the question of the impact of learning with diverse approaches. One of the outcomes of our research is an innovative holistic and data-driven methodology to accelerate learning, thinking and behavior change, that utilize both conscious and subconscious mind.

But we would like to go a step further. Since 2017, we are exploring with our unique Matrix-Q Mathematics system, based in math of proportions in nature, an innovative mathematical language we are using to measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity.

One of our projects is the development of an innovative brain mapping system, that will help us be more precise at the study of learning, thinking, emotional intelligence and behavior patterns. Why we are investing into this exploration?

I will suggest here a very disruptive futurist question: I wonder if one day this brain scans could be used to assess individuals capacity of circular thinking. 

Here below you can learn about thinking and behavior change barriers… in brain performance and behavior change program challenges.

I believe we can extend this approach to human circularity, I hope in a close future.