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Thermodynamics vs systems regeneration. CE as intentional purpose

Three principles of CE

1. Design out waste & pollution;

2. Keep products and materials in the (economic) loop; and

3. Regenerating natural systems.

While we directly understand the first two, what about the third?

In a CE forum I have read today about a very particular point of view, addressing mechanical science facts with example of the law of thermodynamics.

I decide to share this insights here as a thinking exercise.

QUOTE: ” Thermodynamics is the branch of science that describes material and energy flow in and out of systems. Energy and masses are conserved only in CLOSE systems. We are a non-equilibrium, OPEN system. All energy that sustains life on this planet comes from the Sun and is not very efficiently converted into chemical energy. 2-4% is photosynthetic efficiency. Most energy is wasted and dissipated as heat to the universe.  So with all love to CE, we must understand the limits of our system. “

Then what is meant by 3. Regenerating natural systems.

QUOTE : ” …If we stop eating, stop exchanging matter, are we then regenerative? Was the Earth at 100.000 years ago more “regenerative” than our planet today? Was the desertification of the Sahara a regenerative process? “

QUOTE: ” answer by CE trainers: in nature there is no waste, everything becomes food for something else a leaf  that falls from the tree feeds a forest, a tree trunk turns into soil again. The natural world is a living system where everything feeds off of each other. How can we make sure that this system is in perfect harmony again, how can we make sure to not only do no harm but more good?”

3. Regenerating natural systems

Within the context of the comments and answers above, the discussion in the forum did move from learning about CE and studying CE statements validity.

I think to start with the example of Sun would help us refine our focus and purpose: ” All energy that sustains life on this planet comes from the Sun and is not very efficiently converted into chemical energy. 2-4% is photosynthetic efficiency. Most energy is wasted and dissipated as heat to the universe.”

The mechanical science studies and evidence, will bring us always to these type of questions. Are natural systems 100% always regenerating?

The circular approach, would focus more into supporting human-species to evolve as global civilization learning to contribute to a global life sustaining system, which otherwise will be damaged by human creativity, economy and behavior.

There many more examples like the one above, about the Sun energy…

Here I would like to add a new perception to the discussion: where that sun energy will end, how it would be transformed or used, and by which natural cosmological or molecular process, is a question we will one day answer with precision. There are several other studies indicating that the sun energy is conduced by magnetic fields, similar to rings and arches, that exists all around our planet… as reference a Finn scientist body of work in cosmology eventually published in the following years… We also need to remember that humans take directly that energy, and it boosts creativity and human behavior. If you may remember, along the last sun cycles, in which peak emissions were constant, the human creativity along those years also increased. I do not have now next to me the references to those publications but I am certain would be found easily, you could try research gate for example.

Why I share these insights because I believe we are still learning about Thermodynamics and other natural and cosmological laws and principles…which vary also when conditions change. (So we, in other words, also do not know what the 100% of the sun energy does for other cosmological entities or processes… or not…, because we still can not fully measure, predict or perceive)

My take, about the circularity 3. Regenerating natural systems; is more about human interaction with those natural systems as I said before, and about our impact in nature. More circular, regenerative the outcome we can create, certainly better for future human generations.

Maybe, to make it simple, the 3. Regenerating natural systems is more of an intentional purpose than the description of a natural law, of cosmological or universal validity.