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About circular coding and tech: quality indicators

At the Matrix-Q Akademia we do provide training for coding, and use a circular method for optimising human creativity, there for also algorithms, processes and coding. Our approach is also using new design principles, that are human inclusive.

But what about circularity in tech and the impact created by software. for example I will quote two here from a CE forum I was recently visiting:

” A new EU law which shows how important product design policy is the circular economy but also to recognise how important software design is to the circular economy too. ”

” Consider a 5 years old smartphone working fine in terms of materials ( you could replace the battery 2 years ago for example, even for lets say €12) however you will be now forced to change the phone as the software is no longer supported, so the phone security is no longer guaranteed. “

“If you would have an older iPad  for sale, the older software wouldn’t enable you to use all the applications you want”

There are a lot more examples of how software design is also impacting the circular economy. Certainly this is a necessary discussion.

Now with tech 4.0 the design principles behind code have certainly a powerful impact in our intent to achieve a full and stable circularity in tech.

I would like also to share about the way code is being done. Which vary from school to school. The minimalist approach for coding, is essential, as it can help us optimize processing, and reduce the energy used by processors and data banks… do you know how much energy processing and storage consumes?

Consider the increasing number of innovations being developed to ensure storage and processing will keep upgrading at the speed needed by the market and new technologies that need to use storage and data processing.

We have certainly done achievements in optimisation along last century reducing storage and increasing speed, and well… waste and energy are the question when new upgrades of tech enter the market, and for example when more powerful processors are combined, which is great for big data, but is the design of new tech considering impact, as complementary indicator of the quality of tech and software?

If we would implement at all technology and software development schools these indicators of quality and achievements, we would solve a great deal of challenges for future generations