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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


How do we share wealth with our customers and reduce inequalities with social impact entrepreneurship ?

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken at the 2019 Umpack-Impact Event at the Impact Hub Amsterdam.

Asking to successful social impact entrepreneurs to share their wealth, by sharing % of their product revenue with their own customers, by converting it shares.

“I believe in sharing wealth. But we need to find the right approach, that fits your business model and product”



Social impact practices in modern entrepreneurship are sign of global change, of the evolution of business, from responsibility to positive impact.

The world is changing, a new global culture is emerging. SDG2030 Sustainable development goals suggested by the united nations for 2030, give us focus.

Within the following 20 years climate change will challenge us, globally. It will challenge our humanity, our resilience, knowledge, technology, empathy, our capacity to cope and adapt ourselves to new changing reality.

If we would manage globally to shift 50% of the world industry into circular economy we would have solved 25% reduction of carbon emissions, reduced waste, and possibly increased positive impact, in nature as socially, created more jobs and helped more people learn about nature systems and the importance to think and act circular.

When more entrepreneurs take the time to reflect on these type of questions, aiming for circular strategic solutions with systemic impact; then day by day we would create, while doing businesses, a better world.


We have launched today a new product, that will help entrepreneurs accelerate the transition into circular economy.

We ask ourselves today when and how would we share our wealth ? When is the right time for implementing and strategy that would enable a new type of relationship with our customers.

The margin with tangible and non tangible products may vary, as well as the volume of sales that is necessary to generate for the creation of one share that can be given to the customer that have acquired our services.

Why would we decide to share our wealth ?

Isnt our customers, the ones that are mostly interested that our company and products reach the market, that our company grows ?

In the case of social impact entrepreneurship, we believe that our products and services cover a need, and the segment of the market that prefer responsible and positive impact products, would choose for them.

Isnt as well an effort shared by customers and entrepreneurs ? Without our customers we wouldnt be able to complete the transition in the market we are aiming to .

I do not think that to share wealth, that is result of entrepreneurship and social impact business models, has as main goal to share only our success.

When we share our wealth with our customers we also share our responsibility with them, as thanks to our shared efforts we both entrepreneurs and customers change the market; therefor both, entrepreneurs and customers should be priced.



Ecosystems like the impact hub in Amsterdam, have strategic value, as they enable the acceleration of the transition into the world we want, with zero waste, positive impact, where circular thinking and behavior are bottom line practices in entrepreneurship.

As with the Impact Hub Amsterdam we are developing new strategic relationships, in the Netherlands and abroad that will help us reach out to entrepreneurs engaged into the acceleration of the transition into circular economy.

Another of these networks is ENTNEST, which is connect social impact ecosystems internationally.


The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is preparing itself to grow, now in Canada, Peru, and slowly also in Germay, Hong Kong and Switzerland. We are implementing a network dedicated to entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders that engage into the acceleration of the transition into circular economy. Sharing with them our tools, knowledge and methodology. As well as our business model.

Sustainable development consultants can now grow with us, by utilizing our scalable solutions and becoming members of our team of consultants.

Innovators can join us at our innovation labs at location, R&D and innovate with us, enabling trapped value release that will change their value chains and economies.

We believe we are on the right track, and that we have found the right strategies to share our wealth. It is just a matter of time for us.