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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


A new convertible bond that help us share our success with our customers

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Ecosystem CEO, R&D Lead

Along December 2019 i have been working on the definition of a new type of convertible bond that help us share our success with our consumers, customers. [Learn more about sharing our wealth ]

The basic idea behind this bond is that, our ecosystem invest in R&D and Entrepreneurship, with social impact, in the creation of products and services, tangibles, human-competences based and digitals (technology 4.0) that creates social impact.

We believe our customers are as excited as us on the introduction of these new products into the market and have as we do the wish that our products will help the market to transition into circular economy sooner.

From that perspective, our success and growth as a company, will be also the success of our customers, that share the same intent with us.

Every time one of our customers purchase our products is helping us to achieve our goals.

I have decided then that we can also share the outcome of our success with our customers.

For the creation of our customers convertible bond, we had to answer many questions, like:

  • Which is the purchase volume that should translate into a share ?
  • Can the bond be transfered to third party ?
  • When can the bond be converted ?
  • Which are the rights the new share holders (via Consumer bond) will have ?
  • Which are the legal rules we need to implement ?
  • If the customer does not want the bond, what do we do ?
  • How the financial means generated with the bond will be used ?
  • Is this approach legal ?

I have solved most of the se questions and we are now in the next stage, on legal implementation of the bond

I think for each company the process and design of the bond rules will need to vary, in terms of how the value of the bond is generated, or assigned.

I hope that our experiment will proof to be worth, and become a common practice by social impact entrepreneurs.

We share with our customers the success and wealth, our growth enabled by our customers consumption.

Through this consumer bond we hope to enable a new layer of resilience capacity in our ecosystem, by including our customers in our success.

[Learn more about sharing our wealth ]