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Human Circularity, an inclusive approach to circular economy

by L. D. Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead

The traditional model to circular economy, considers two pillars, one with focus on BIO products and the second one on TECHnology, for both materials, waste management (zero waste) and systems thinking, to enable innovation, trapped value release, that contributes with a positive impact with the regenerative capacity of nature.

By utilizing the Matrix-Q Method, we have included HUMAN as a third circular economy pillar.


Linear thinking, cause of the human foot print on the planet, is done by humans. When humans change their MindSet, behavior, choices, towards circular economy, thanks to their capacity of circular thinking, innovation, adaptation; then the transition to circular economy will take place.

The change into a circular economy involves a change of thinking, which humans are accountable for. In other words, humans are the ones that need to take responsibility of their own thinking, their own competences and align them to the change they would like to enable in the world.


The new model for circular economy has then 3 pillars: BIO, TECH & HUMAN.

Human circularity involve three streams of transition:

  2. HUMAN COMPETENCES (leadership)
  1. With human inclusion, we reduce the was of human capacity, by closing the gap, reducing the distance people experience to labour market, to education, to equal opportunities. By conquering discrimination and enabling equality, with an inclusive approach we empower people, and enable their well being, economic growth and quality of life. [ LEARN MORE ABOUT INCLUSION : The power of diversity, inclusion and equal rights / LEARN MORE ABOUT]

2. With the development of human competences (Unleashed human potential), in the age of technology 4.0 where human capital has been expanded to include artificial intelligence and automatons, we enable creation of value done by humans. We believe in particular that human + technology = success + human potential unleashed (Matrix-Q Method). There for, by changing the design principles of technology we produce tech that includes humans, and support them, assist them unleash their potential. In particular, with circular economy, utilize their adaptive capacity, circular thinking and innovation capacity, to accelerate their transition to circular economy. ( Learn more about Adaptive Capacity Assisted by A.I. & The Akademia for Circular Economy Leaders )

3. 300 years of science and modern technology that did enable the industrial revolutions, now at the edge of the 4th of them. Human cognition, intelligence, is the source of creativity, ideas and tools, models, that have helped leaders, researchers, technologies, to do assessment, design strategy, score card items, organizations and people, build up organizations, generate data and analyze it, and develop projects. These tools used so far, have been created by utilizing linear thinking. Our work in this field is to up-grade or up-level these tools, with circular economy thinking. The new tools will be circular-intelligent and enable circular decision making, circular R&D, circular innovation, circular change management, circular leadership, circular risk management and others. Some of these tools include our lean thinking, lean learning, lean communication, lean innovation and lean adaptation tools. [ Learn more about Matrix-Q Tools ]

Along the R&D project that helped us arrive to this new model, we have found 81 streams of value, and pillars for human circularity, from which we have chosen those that fit better the need and urgency of our times. More details is provided along a training program for leaders and consultants. [ Learn More about Training Program for Associated Consultants ]


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