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3 ideas that will help you reduce waste at home for Christmas [ Circular Economy for Family House-Hold ]

How to apply circular economy principles to your family household ?

It is christmas time and we celebrate the opportunity to spend quality of time with our family and friends.

A time for reflection, assessment of the year achievements and challenges, as well an opportunity to plan desired changes, innovation and milestones necessary to achieve our goals.

The transition from a business year into a family setting is helping us keep our family-business-lifestyle in balance. Also to reflect on community and how to create social impact with our business and leadership choices.

Circular economy transition invites us to reflect, take some distance from our daily life business, and review the lessons given by nature systems.

If we are on the journey towards a circular future already, we pay attention to the question on how to transform our organization by applying nature principles, systems thinking and circular economy principles, that enable trapped value release and economic growth.

Along this time of the year, we may as well intent to creatively find out how to implement circular economy principles in our own family household. Learning in a small and simple complexity, at home, the solutions and ideas that could solve the circularity of our value chain.

Circular economy principles applied to your household, will give you as well important and simple lessons that can be applied in daily life business.

We will share cases, examples and our own practices, this december 2019.

3 Ideas that will help you reduce waste at home this christmas

  1. Look at your trash and understand what it is
  2. Do little changes that create together a large scale impact
  3. DIY: make products yourself