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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions



Acceleration capacity is essential for a business that would like to adapt themselves to the modern challenges of markets and new emerging economy: as for change, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Learning skills, adaptation, flexibility and innovation are some of the competences an organization and its leaders need in order to engage into the praxis of innovation and acceleration methodologies.

Imagine a methodology that up-levels leadership competences and skills, enable acquisition of knowledge, helps you release trapped value and develop new technology, achieve collective intelligence and sustainable growth?

Start-ups scale-ups, innovation projects in corporate, spin-offs, utilize their acceleration methodology to reach their preferred goals and milestones.

Our methodology (Matrix-Q Method) enables the use of knowledge, to approach technically complexity, and deploy simple solutions.

We would like to enable with our solutions, in collaboration with customers and stake holders, a better world.

Circular economy bring us back to a natural economy, the economy principles followed by nature.


Given that we are living in a finite resources world, confined in one single planet, our economy practices, theories and strategies should play within that restrictive reality. That is how we create a future for the human species and our planet.

By accelerating the transition into circular economy with a human inclusive approach we would also accelerate the transition into a more sustainable world, with better quality of living, and advanced economic growth.

Circular economy enables economic growth through innovation and trapped value release. An approach that applied to the human factor will enable innovation with disruptive impact in the human variable of the circular-economy equation: human competences, cognitive tools and social inclusion.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is taking the challenge by applying the Matrix-Q Methodology and enabling technology, tools and human competences that will accelerate the transition into circular economy

Our first goal is to boost innovation capacity and circular thinking with:

  • e-test that measure proactive adaptive capacity and
  • with new methodology for education (lean learning) integrated to scalable training solutions like immersive e-learning with V.R., e-Games and Animation.
  • As well with automated tools that will help leaders assess the level of circularity they have achieved or are developing, predict challenges, optimize change management for example.
  • We are also developing an A.I. Engine that will become the Smart Circular Innovation assistant for leaders.

LEARN MORE ABOUT The Matrix-Q Method applied to Circular Economy

Take our e-test or join our  circular economy 101 training which will also introduce attendees to the human-inclusive circular economy model and give insight on how to apply circular economy principles to human capital, leadership and social inclusion.