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Adaptive Capacity : Mindset, Education & Circularity

“An education method can be perceived as effective if with it we can solve the (legacy of) learning deficiencies of a culture or location. But as well if with the methodology we are able to solve the footprint-behavior and sustainable development challenges of a generation, community, culture or nation.”

L.D. Maldonado Fonken CEO, R&D Lead

A learning process enables acquisition of knowledge and change.

For this purpose education systems or methodologies need to be adjusted to the needs of the time and circumstances.

In order to solve local cultural patterns, barriers and blindspots with a learning process we need an education method or system that is flexible enough and at the same time focus on the creating a positive transformational impact at the edge of the human capacity to evolve, learn, change, or proactively adapt to new conditions and circumstances.

Human capacity of adaptation is experienced as a response to a tangible circumstance. While we keep ourselves living in a comfort zone, our adaptation capacity is not fully triggered. Information and cognitive understanding of a challenging situation can be purposefully or subconsciously not considered for decision making, avoided.

For that reason pro-active adaptation is the result of a conscious choice which involve change, at the edge of our capacity. A decision made without experiencing immediate survival challenge. A decision that would make no apparent sense. Why to change anything in our lives when at the moment we experience nor perceive any trouble, risk or problem.

The fact that we hear or read or know about problems, does not mean we will act based on that information.

Proactive adaptation capacity means also a conscious choice that help us overcome self-deception, denial and the overwhelming feelings given by the realization of the dimension of the challenge vs. our perceived-capacity to solve it.

If an education method or system focuses essentially on the development of proactive learning and innovation-capacity and skills, in the development of proactive adaptive capacity, then a great deal of the challenge, of any given challenge, would have been solved.


In our modern time, the nation’s best choice of education systems and methods, is already a discussion and marketing theme in social media, resembling a challenge given to athletes, runners, in a world championship show.

How important is for a country to have implemented an adequate and effective education system or method ?

National development plans include labor (human capital) needs for future (new professions, knowledge, research and technology ). Education is then part of the planning of government, academic and research institutions.

Education is in that sense essential for the economy of a nation.


Education enables acquisition of knowledge, skills, competences, capacity for innovation necessary for a country or organization’s development, generation of value and wealth, sustainable development and quality of living.

Education is essential for individuals, families or communities, for their development, and happiness, as it enables the possibility of choice, of self-realization, of the creation of a future we prefer.

An academic title or certificate, actually open doors in a system that acknowledges and perceives value in academic education. But education is not limited to academic education, for example non academic competences are acquired in the field of work, and are as valid as essential for an individual to be able to choose own future, as for an organization to achieve high level performance.

But what else is education for ?


Every culture, nations, tribe, clan or family has evolved probably focusing on some strengths or competences, by utilizing an specific mindset and set of skills that enabled competitive advantage.

A culture itself is the result of agreements on perceptions of value, behavior guidelines, customs, habits of thinking and doing, language, meaning, including preferences for wealth generation.

An education method applied to a culture or nation, should help a collective of individuals to evolve at the edge of their capacity.


For our modern civilization quality of living, comfort and free time for life-sytle activities, are apparently a great achievements, result of progress.

When we think about how nomadic cultures were mostly focused on survival, we understand the comfort of ordering food online or having a health care service in town or a police institution that safeguard our well being and rights would be indeed a great deal of a change.

Also ancient cultures and civilizations where able to develop a certain level of quality of life and sustainability stability for some time until their systems did decay.

In our modern times we live globally among survival and comfort. Each nation, culture, has develop competences, knowledge, skills to conquer survival challenges, and that helps them in the intent to achieve a sustainable way of living.

While humans have the tendency to prefer to stay in the comfort zone, evolution, innovation and change takes place at the edge of every species capacity, at the edge of their ecosystems, where barriers, limits and patterns of behavior and thinking are meant to change.


In that sense, education has also the power to bring us to evolve, if it facilitates a learning process at the edge of our limitations and knowledge, if it challenges our comfort zones. A challenge to our emotions, perception, cognitive capacity, and ability of execution.

In our times, where comfort and safety are legacy of our modern civilization, to live at the edge of human potential and capacity is a conscious choice, not a circumstantial need.



The need of a collective conscious choice means that our human species is reaching a point of evolution in which choice creates a future, a different future.

We have learned as a species that our actions have consequences, and that a change is necessary in our approach on how we generate wealth and perceive value.

We will experience tangible this century the outcome of the human species footprint. We already do assess the high costs of the lives of countless number of people, and extinction of so many species, destruction of ecosystems and a level of pollution that has never been before experienced by our planet.

The need of change, at the edge of the fall of the human species, is paramount.

This need should be already part of our collective consciousness, to impulse our proactive capacity of creativity, innovation and adaptation. Our capacity of conscious choice, collective resilience, (personal) leadership and engagement.

Circular economy in a finite world, a regenerative approach, which involve a positive impact in our cultures, people and environment, seems to be a step for human species maturity.

As circularity needs of a new thinking, feeling and doing, it involves conscious choice, and use of our proactive adaptation capacity.


Which role plays education within this circumstance ?


90% of people in our planet lives in ignorance of own competences, skills, capacity and purpose. Isn’t that a waste of potential and opportunity ?

Know thyself!

The ancient Greek aphorism is still valid, actually necessary in our modern days.

To know ourselves is a need that goes beyond our individual journeys, lifestyle or personal preferences.

As a species it involves today to know where we come from or what influences us the most or how those influences can be understood and educated. As only then we will understand better why and what we create in our lives and future, and predict the outcome of our actions and the destination of our life.


The acquisition of knowledge regarding own potential, capacity and purpose applies as well for collectives, as for cultures, teams or clans.

But if we are all different, or at least share similar differences, and our biological DNA and brain capacity, emotional intelligence, and execution abilities show us daily how different we are from each other; then how to help the human species so diverse and reach, to be aligned to circular thinking ?

We need globally to include every nation and culture, into the journey given by a choice, into a new global economy which is circular.



We need a new language that can help us refer to human competences and abilities, a language that help us describe pathways that can be taken for individual and collective evolution and development.

In principle for the ability to change. Change means adaptation. In this case not any more adaptation to a circumstance giving by a natural environment, season of the year, as for in the case of nomads and ancient civilizations and cultures, but today it means adaptation to the outcome of human footprint, to the consequences of human species choices. Unavoidable adaptation.


Mathematics is the most simple and essential language that can help us communicate among culture, and eventually among worlds. Math as a language used to describe nature principles, laws, cycles and rhythms, becomes tangible, as it can be experienced. When we utilize Fibonacci series for facial recognition engines we make out of the abstract, and pure in mathematics of measurement and proportion a tangible and useful experience.

Mathematics can be also used to represent language, behavior and DNA, given the fact that those are as well expressions of human nature.

Our Mathematics system (Matrix-Q Math, Matrix-Q Method) describes individuals profiles, capacity, skills, patterns of perception of value, choice, behavior, preferences. With it i have created a new language, a code, that is harmonious with our human learning capacity of learning and evolving.

We have learned how to use it for coding, for the creation of algorithms, that describe a sequence of steps necessary for achieving an outcome, for a learning process, strategy or design of technology, solution, its production, implementation and deployment.

We are now utilizing this coding-language, to solve the human capacity of adaptation, to enable advanced circular economy thinking and leadership innovation capacity.


To choose an economy model that is circular. What does it mean ? Which are the implications ? what do i need to change ? Do i need to adapt myself to anything ?

Adaptation means our ability to change. Yes, changes will be necessary and you need to adapt yourself to those changes and their implications and consequences.

How individual’s life, decisions, thinking, knowledge, skills, tools, habits, need to change or to be changed consciously, for the individual and the collective to reach the stage of circular economy necessary for the creation of the future we want?

“In order to jump, first step firmly on your own ground”

“In order to build, a foundation is necessary”


There is no possible change or adaptation process that can take place, without recognition of a circumstance that justify the need of a change. Change means choice. Choice means options.

Which options do we give to ourselves that help us keep in the comfort zone and avoid change ? which options for a change we have, while still the human’ footprint outcomes do not force us to go out of our comfort zone ?


If we decide to be and act out of the comfort zone. A conscious effort demands also certain level of commitment, discipline and rhythm. Change takes place as a step by step process, gradually.

Like for sports, music, yoga and martial arts, change take place when we constantly practice, repeat and apply. Then our brain is able to create new neural pathways and enable new possibilities for behavior and perception (REF. Brain Plasticity). Then is when we master new techniques, develop new abilities, develop our capacity to respond to circumstances (resilience).

We know today that the biological DNA influence us, in our behavior, perception, skills and competences. We also know that DNA dormant codes, potential, can be triggered activated, by the change of behavior, perception combined with emotional resonance, experiences. (REF. Bruce Lipton) This type of change is enabled by conscious choice.

We know today that hormonal shifts, influence as well our state of mind, behavior and perception. A wonderful example is the impact menstruation and ovulation cycles has on human behavior. As well conscious choice on use of self-awareness method, food, behavior and adaptation (collaboration with nature cycles) gives as an outcome a more effective, efficient living.

We know today that season and weather changes also affects our mindset and behavior, as for changes in temperature, pressure, humidity and light. Great examples are the shifts experienced in nordic countries, the four seasons as for fall, winter, spring and summer. By conscious choice, adaptation, change of day activities, schedule, behavior would enable a more efficient outcome of our day.

Conscious choice and adaptation has been used to respond to tangible events, changes in the environment as in ourselves.

Now is the time to use conscious choice to proactively adapt ourselves to a new economy and to the outcome of our foot print.


Is the humanity we know, with the tendency of living in a comfort zone able to make a choice, to live out of the comfort zone? and on top of that to engage into the discipline necessary for a change to take place ?

I personally trust that humanity has the capacity to endure and achieve a new milestone in its adaptive capacity, create a new future for itself and the planet, with positive impact.

Then is still our choice, to wait for circumstances to force us to learn quickly and change, adapt ourselves, or to proactively adapt ourselves on advanced. The outcome is in our hand, hearts and ability of make conscious choices and execute them.


Will be the process of adaptation and achieving guided by circular thinking or by any other form (option) of adaptation-thinking and survival. Do you know ?

Which chapters will be written in this story ?

In order to arrive to our destination we need a map, the ability to read the map, and the knowledge, skills, equipment, tools and resources necessary for the journey.


We can start by trying to answer the following questions:

  • What does mean adaptation to a new economic model ?
  • Which is the nature of the change the human species needs, at its foundation ?
  • How that journey of change would look like ?
  • Which challenges will be face ?
  • Are we all ready prepared for them ?
  • If not, what do we need to learn ?
  • Are our skills enough for that change, for that journey ?
  • And our knowledge ? What kind of knowledge do we need?
  • What has people learned so far and which map can i use in order to optimize the outcome of my journey ?


If we would have the possibility to utilize all our potential in order to enable change in ourselves, in our society and in our future, we would have greater chance to succeed


The human biological DNA describes a potential, that is dormant or active ( (the DNA unique code of an individual).

DNA Type 387 Survival

Similar to the biological DNA, the DNA Types describe individual capacity status, competences, skills, mindset, focus. How strong is the attention given by an individual to a particular category or set of skills, and which preferences the individual has, approaches for solving challenges, perceiving value or generating wealth.

The DNA Types, offer to us a new language, that help us describe and communicate individual or collective patterns of behavior, mindset or preferences for perception of value and wealth generation.


If a team of an organization is not aligned to the DNA of the company (company culture), the collaboration process among team members will also not be aligned nor produce the desired outcome.

The collective (team) DNA is a compound of individuals DNAs. When a team learns to behave and act together, combining the diversity of skills and competences, sharing knowledge, creating value, and applying one mission statement, while observing the organization DNA, we can predict the team will be more successful into achieving the outcome requested.

By learning on our organization DNA, on our collective DNA, we also assess how it marches to the mission statement DNA.


The culture of a location brings a new layer of DNA that should be also included into the strategic assessment of the organization.

In the case of multicultural teams, the DNA of each team member culture needs to be also assessed.

It is then also culture DNA essential to understand the challenges and limits that we need to overcome before a change takes place.

In terms of a collective conscious choice, to be more specific, choice of a circular approach for economy and lifestyle, each culture or nation will need to deal with own legacy or barriers and limitations and find a path, at the edge of their own capacity, a path that enables change.

This is then the point in which education plays an important role.

A learning process, can produce the outcome of changing individual DNA, collective, organizational and cultural DNA.


In our case, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we aim to utilize our education methodology, our mathematical language, and knowledge on human typology (DNA Types) to enable change, proactive adaptation to a new global economic model that is circular.

We bridge the circularity gap, measure and enhance circular innovation-capacity.

Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


It is our intention to support this process of change, by providing a language, a map, knowledge, skills and resources, necessary for the change that needs to take place in every individuals, team, organization, community, leader or nation

We started by creating a new model for circular economy which is human inclusive. For which distance to labor market out of discrimination, is solved with inclusion practices; human capacity and potential is unleashed by utilizing education and human typology innovative methods, and cognitive tools utilized for strategic assessment, data generation and thinking are being upgraded with circularity principles.

Our second step has been to utilize our knowledge in human learning capacity, thinking, innovation and adaptive capacity, our studies on human perception of value and wealth generation preferences, to enable a new approach to measure and enhance human adaptive capacity, learning, circular thinking and innovation capacity.


We start by knowing ourselves, with the DNA Type we are using the most, and learning about our own potential, and capacity; and defining a strategic approach, setting goals, that enable a save and enjoyable journey towards a future we want.

The shift into circular thinking is necessary. Given the fact that the legacy of modern education trains our brains into linear and bi-dimensional thinking, and that circular economy needs of more complex thinking capabilities, including systemic, parallel, nested, matrix, fractal, procss, thinking. Our innovative thinking tools and education method will bridge the gap.

With that information in mind, the blindspots experienced in innovation are explained. We can not create what we can not imagine or think. If our capacity for thinking, sensing and feeling is limited, will be as well our capacity of creation and execution.

Innovation capacity will be unleashed, trapped value released.


Innovation capacity building means to change, to enable a change result of a conscious choice, commitment and engagement. This type of change will take place once individuals, leaders, collectives, teams, organizations, nations change, along the systemic structure of value and economy created by the human species.

Our education methodology has the power to be adjusted to any location, culture and people DNA, and provide a balanced learning and self-education process in which thinking, feeling (emotions, senses) and execution (doing and creating, innovating) capacity is relevant and acknowledged. (Matrix-Q Lean learning, Lean Thinking and Lean Innovation, Lean Adaptation Methodology)

Our methodology enables human adaptive competences to be assisted by A.I.

We would like to enable that change, with you together!

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Do the first step for self-education, choice and change.