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Matrix-Q Circular Solutions


Circular Economy & Gender Equity Effectiveness

How gender diversity and equity enable a higher level of innovation and circularity ?

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead

How nature creates life ? the answer to this question is essential for us to realize the value of communication, collaboration and co-creativity for sustainable development of an idea, a blue print, a social concept or a community of people, in particular of a company.

A team composed of an equal number of men and women is like a brain that can perform with its essential functions.

Imagine the challenges any human has when just a little % of their brain is not working, due to illness, trauma or clinical intervention.

We would like both hemispheres to be operational, communicate with each other, collaborate and together enable decisions and actions that are connected to sensing, feeling, intuition and emotion; as well as with facts, metrics, meaning, symbols and language.

If on addition, the ability to see a future, a vision for following generations future, which for example includes well being, quality of life, sustainable development and circular economy. But a vision that includes a highly advanced ability of adaptation and survival.

Innovation-driven entrepreneurs with a brain, body and emotions aligned to their mission statement and values, will change the future of our planet.

This is the reason why the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, in particular our company, would like to welcome more women in the team.

We name them gender skills, male and female skills, those necessary for having a balanced and effective perception, assessment, strategic planning and execution of a business process.

Because we would like our human engine to operate at its highest level of performance, our human collective, we give value to gender equity.

We envision a future that encourages gender equity as foundation for advanced human effectiveness, in which the collective competences are added value.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem, its companies, have been supported with seed capital by women; as well as our creativity placed into strategic praxis in particular for social impact, product design, team collaboration and community building mindset has been influenced by women.

We would like execution to be as well developed by women and men together, in a (50% male + 50% female) gender equity co-founders board and teams constitution.

Women or men, that would like to join our companies as interns, location pioneers, associated consultants or co-founders, must know that gender equity effectiveness is a pillar of our business culture.

Human inclusive circular economy approach (3FCE Model) considers that effective circular innovation has positive impact and is social inclusive, its creative, result of a learning for which balanced human competences are extremely important.

Gender equity effectiveness, means to enable ability to utilize human competences (both male and female) with an effective outcome.

Gender equity effectiveness is a systemic component of success, in organizations and communities.

From an individual human, for which its brain performs effectively, bringing both male and female skills into co-creative balance, producing an effective outcome. To the collective set of competences a team utilize consciously for solving challenges, making decisions or assessing risk.

We believe in gender equity effectiveness as the solution for a future in which technology plays a mayor role in the transformation of society, culture and industry.

That is why we would like to encourage more women to join us in the roll of all-round innovation-driven entrepreneurs (co-founders), to invest in our organization with venture capital and join our teams as associated consultants, R&D Circular Innovation Leads and Location Pioneers. We plan to create 450 new jobs for 2025, and hope 225 of those to be taken by women.

Because gender equity effectiveness, is the result of application of circular economy principles to human capital: there is no human waste, all human potential needs to be acknowledge, by unleashing human potential in individuals and teams, we welcome human competences that may enable a successful future and a new type of civilization developed with new design principles that are inclusive and gender diverse.