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Our aim is to accelerate the transition into circular economy

Bridge the circularity gap, measure, enhance & optimize circular innovation-capacity

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We are facing challenging times.

In order to collaborate with circularity leaders and innovators we have launched a new platform, products, and services.

Our company has participated in the EUvsVIRUS COVID-19 Pan-European Hackathon 2020 April

Enhance your Brain Performance with 3 min Circular Thinking Training

Circular Thinking & Innovation Capacity  e-TEST

Take control over your ECONOMIC GROWTH, never miss an innovation opportunity again

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We measure & enhance CIRCULAR THINKING & INNOVATION capacity

  • e-Test: Circular Thinking & Innovation Capacity
  • e-Trainer : 3 min daily brain performance enhancement
  • Automated advise by A.I.
  • Tailor-made advise & training by a Consultant
  • Immersive e-Learning

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  • Become aware of your current CIRCULAR THINKING & INNOVATION capacity level, potential, barriers and blindspots
  • Develop the ability to adjust your mindset and emotions before meeting the next circular innovation challenge
  • Take control over your ECONOMIC GROWTH, by enhancing your CIRCULAR INNOVATION CAPACITY

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15′ min Online Advice Session

Circular Economy 


in all Professions & Industries

in Society & Nature

in your Business

In 15 min learn how Cross-Industry Circular-Innovation will impact your business and professional future

  • Which opportunities circular economy offers you ?

  • How ready are you for circular thinking and circular innovation ?

  • How circular economy creates economic growth, social impact and positive impact in nature ? 

  • Which are the skills and competences you need to acquire in order to gain competitive advantage ?

Schedule a 15 min advice session online

  • Along the 15 min we will review together the impact circular economy will have in your industry and professional path (your individual case, industry, business, professional path)
  • You will receive strategic advice on how to prepare yourself for the circular economy opportunity.


  • Our Meet-ups focus on personal connection and are moderated by utilizing Matrix-Q Communication Method
  • We will discuss on the social impact aspects of circular economy and how circular economy principles can be used for a new model of circularity that includes humans.
  • We will suggest 3 activities that will help leaders enhance circular thinking, innovation capacity and adaptive proactive engagement capacity.



Coaching and training experience since 1993, utilizing the Matrix-Q Method

Do you know which are your blindspots for innovation and circular thinking ?

CIRCULAR ECONOMY is an opportunity for innovation and trapped value release. To understand regenerative principles in nature and systems thinking is only the first step. Organizations that have been designed with linear thinking have grown with a complexity dissonant from natural circular thinking. In order to break it down, in simple steps you will appreciate to utilize our methodology.

In order to enable the transition of your organization or community into circular economy you need new sets of competences, tools and knowledge that are circular; for which you have not received an education before.

Join our tailor-made e-Coaching program, in which we provide human consultant advice, training and e-tools that will accelerate your transition into circular economy.

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Tailor-made program for individuals or groups
  • For 300 years LINEAL THINKING has misguided the Industry creating waste, climate change and millions of species extinct
  • We need to learn how to THINK, FEEL & ACT CIRCULAR
  • We need next generation LEADERS  to ACCELERATE the transition into CIRCULAR ECONOMY


Does your team think circular ?

With the data-driven collective e-test you measure and assess the diversity of skills, competences and MindSet your team holds. I particular your team capacity for learning, innovation, and circular thinking. We provide an e-Test results report's presentation, and advice on how to up-level your team performance.

Next Generation Team Leaders & Trainers

bridge the collective-skills gap with

Data-driven Collective-DNA Smart Assessment Tools


  • Do you have the right team members on board ?
  • Find out if your Team’s diversity of competences and skills, mindsets, suits your needs
  • Assess the matching level of your team members


  • Do you have the right students ?
  • Tailor-Made the Learning Process of your training programs according to your attendees DNA
  • Translate your learning content into a data-driven e-learning program


  • Do you have the right coaches ?
  • Tailor-Made your Coaching Process with the e-Test results.
  • Translate your coaching content into a data-driven e-learning and e-coaching program


  • Do you attract the right coaches ?
  • Tailor-Made your Marketing & Communication contents with the e-Test results.
  • Translate your communication content into a data-driven dynamic content, according to the market niche you aim to reach

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Circular Thinking Course

Introduction to Circular Thinking & Innovation-Capacity


  • Circular thinking is not the same as linear thinking.
    • Can we notice when we think linear or circular and what is the outcome created by both thinking modalities ?
  • Innovation-capacity is essential for trapped-value release.
    • How to measure, assess, score, human innovation capacity ?
    • How to enhance human innovation capacity ?


  • Acquire foundation knowledge to assess your individual or organization capacity for circular thinking and innovation.

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Our capacity building program offers you courses, full-weekend workshops, e-learning, licenses, and a 3-year work-study program for coaches, trainers, innovators, leaders and consultants.

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